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Procedure of Application for Halal Services:
If you are interested in applying to use one of our Halal Services of setting up and approving a slaughtering facility, please follow the steps and fill in the attached form below:

  1. An Application form is filled and submitted by an authorized official at the plant for inspection and certification

  2. An appointment will be made by Islamic Halal Food Products Inc. (IHFP) with the company to arrange for a Halal inspector to visit and inspect the facility and discuss arrangements for Halal production.

  3. The Halal Inspector will submit his/her findings and inspection report to the Directors of IHFP to make decision.

  4. Once the plant complies with the criteria of Halal processing and the recommended procedure then the plant can start the processing by applying the specific procedure that IHFP recommends.

  5. A Halal Certificate for the plant is issued and sent to the plant. Halal certificate for the plant will be valid for one year to be renewed yearly upon inspection and approval.

  6. IHFP will issue the Halal certificates for the products sold by the plant. Each load or shipment must be accompanied with an original Halal certificate for the product.
Please fill in the following application form so we can better assist you with your need.
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